FS: i5-760 with retail box and heat sink $125 shipped.

I am selling my i5-760 intel processor with retail box and heat sink included. It has been running at 3.8ghz for the last three months and has been tested stable for 24/7 use. With my H50 cpu cooler in push/pull the hottest core has been in the low 60's celcius at full load on prime 95. I am upgrading to an i7 so I need this gone. Asking $125 shipped priority mail with delivery conformation.

Please contact me via this thread or pm me. I have excellent feedback on eBay under soliusthesun. I am a top rated seller with 100% feedback.
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  1. pm sent
  2. Responded to pm.
  3. I have added the cpu to my ebay account if anyone feels more comftorable buying it that way. I prefer to sell it through here though to aviod the ebay fees it is ulitimitely your choice though :)

    Here's the ebay link.
  4. bump!
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