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I recently purchase a new laptop with Windows Vista. We have a network in our home with 3 wired PC's and 1 wireless laptop all with Windows XP, they are connected through a Buffalo router and a modem. The Vista laptop is also connected wireless through the router and modem. I have tested the router and it is compatible with Vista. I am trying to play StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaign over LAN. I have downloaded the patch for the game. I can see their game but when I click on it all I see after 15 seconds is unable to join. We can see each other share folders and can access them with no problem. I have tried entering their IP address when I am in the game to join their game but nothing happens. I have no problems connecting to the internet. I have also turned off my firewall and it did not help. Please help.
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  1. hmmm... I'm not an expert on networks, but is it possible that a the router settings are interfering with the connection (is the new laptop permitted to connect to other computers on the WLAN)? Or, as an alternate possibility, are you sure they are the same version? (are BOTH copies patched?).

    Beyond that, I don't know. Hope you figure it out though - and no worries: more knowledgeable help is on the way <grin>.
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