Can I play oblivion?

Can I run TESIV: Oblivion on my computer? If so, Can I run it relatively smoothly? If not, What do I need to make it run?

Here are my system specs:
Dell Dimension DIM2400
Celeron(R)CPU 2.40Ghz
2.39GHz, 640MB of RAM
(Yeah, random number I know, I have a 128MB RAM stick, and a 512MB RAM stick.)
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  1. You need to link to your system atleast

    And you will have to buy a this doesn't mean you are going to have to spend a whole lot it will be under 100$ WITH a new psu and you may not even need a new psu unit..depending on your current psu

    You will also want to grab some ram as i believe you would be cutting it to close...

    If you can't find a link to the specs of your system just give me the specs on your psu such as watts and amps...

    Here is a stick of ram...throw that in there and that should allow the graphics card to breathe quite well

    A cheap 4670 will max out oblivion no problem at 1280x1024 and that is with aa and af all the way up if your monitor is above 1280x1024 let me know
  2. I thing the Dell 2400 had the PCI Express slot removed - so no possibility of a GPU upgrade... And the onboard 845G graphics is useless.

    Basically the system will not run Oblivion so you need to look into a new PC.
  3. Not really the answer I was hoping for, but thanks for the advice. Looks like I'm gonna be out $600...
  4. use better grammer its "May I play Oblivion?" show some respect
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