Left 4 Dead DLC

Is out today!! Hurrah!! Get downloadin!!
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  1. OMG! Really?! I'm not in front of my gaming desktop now, so I won't download it yet, but how big is the DLC? :D

    EDIT: oh man... it's coming out later for the PC! :( http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/new-left-4-dead-dlc-released-today
  2. And its finally out....
  3. Lol Captainhero! And of course, it has to happen when I'm not in front of my desktop again :( Anyone know how big the download is?
  4. Not very big. It's quite a good update, the new game mode is exactly what it needed.
  5. yea, and it's hard as ****.

    Two tanks on your a$$? how you survive that?
  6. I tried last nite, after patching and could I find a ***king server to login to. No. Just like the when the demo was out, arghhh. Hopefully better tonite :)
    Its only a about a hundred meg (ish), took about 10mins to patch.
  7. Am now downloading the game with my laptop (it'll play the game decently). So the total size is now around 1.5GB? 1.6GB? Why not on my desktop, you ask? Because the Steam client is failing on my freakin' desktop. Again! :(

    Friend told me the tanks are "easier" though, with less hit points. Anyone here set record times for survival?
  8. Did you know that you can bring up a list of the servers through the console instead of Fing around with the worthless lobby system?
  9. I've connected directly to a server once or twice (with the connect command). And no, I did not know that, so how do you pull the list of servers? Search command?
  10. Captainhero said:

  11. hit ~ for the console and then "openserverbrowser"

    Edit: Oops...type that in the console..that wasn't too clear
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