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I have a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3 workstation complete with all factory parts, manuals, CD's etc.

It's in very good condition and has hardly been used since 2004.

Is it worth a few quid? Or shall it go to the tip?

Grateful for any advice.

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  1. assuming it's a desktop it won't be worth a ton but if someone is just getting into a field and needs something to learn with it might be worth it to them. Heck if you can't sell it keep it around as a spare computer or a sandbox computer to experiment with new O/S or new software on.

    Hope that helps solve your problem.
  2. Overclocking - Thanks very much for your reply.

    I'm not computer friendly and have used Macs for most of my career. Therefore I have no need for a spare PC and a sandbox is not for me!!!

    It's likely that the PC will to be taken to the tip and dumped!

    Thanks / regards.
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  4. I'm sure you could definitely donate that to any number of charities and/or school as I see organizations looking for stuff like that all the time
  5. Hi Russell

    Do you still have have the workstation or did you already dumped itf(as it has been some weeks since your posting you propably did)? I'm looking for such a station and just saw your message. Pls email me to if you still have it.

    Thanks a lot,
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