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nice things and bad things 2day

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May 25, 2005 1:44:35 AM

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I started playing 2day with my javazon she had done all they way up 2
forge and just needed to kill diablo. So I take her down river of flame
and she does ok the lightning immunes were weak enuff that it was easy
for her to melee them with fend and merc only died 1 time to IM
knights. She breaks all the seals and bosses were pretty easy and then
she kills DIablo with her CS VERY fast but he doesnt drop nething nice
tho but I am real happy I go another char that can do diablo house easy
besides my trapper :) 

She go to act 4 and starts to go kill shenk she kills shenk easy to
but game freezes and when it unfreezes she is dropped from game I try
to rjoin and it still up and she still alive and got the quest :)  But
since game dropped her b4 she could get waypoint she has to walk ALL
they up again which was very annoying but walking up I see flying axes
on ground and they r gold. She id and they r glimmershreds :)  I guess
some monster that die to her LF off screen dropped it and she didnt see
it 1st time so it was kinda good she got dropped and had to walk back

Then she goes for anya and doesnt have ne problems she did fine nice
eth crptic axe and used socket quest on it so now just need a fal rune
it can be a real nice obedience. Then in crystal afte getting wp the
game lag again while she in river and nothing happens for long time I
check and it cuz modem cut out when I comeback she had died :( . It made
me very annoyed but I pick up body get merc back and refill her belt
with purples and go get anya this time no lag dying but then stupid
anya gives her a bow :(  grrrrrrrrrrr.

I take lil break and when I come back I work on my frenzy barb. He
needed to kill diablo to but he not real good with IM knights so I have
him make game and after it get permed I switch him for trapper she
cleans out diablo house and just as she finish zilth come on joins my
game. It was real nice seeing zilth since he doesnt play much at all
nemore. He said he doing good he was real sick for lil bit better now
and happy so that was good :)  He helps barb kill Diablo and he drops a
gold spiderweb sash :)  Zilth was nice and said I should keep since he
dont play that much nemore then he had to go but he give me wps in act5
first so it made it easy to get shenk and anya and I send him to try
ancients and none of them had bad mods so he kills them easy.

I take another break and this time take javazon out again. I go to
basin channel to see if ne1 there xuz I really dont want to try and do
the ancients with her solo she not good at meleeing lightning immunes
if they are tuff and ancients are tuff and get lightning immune ALOT
and if more than 1 got it it would be real bad for her. I make a basin
hell game and some1 does join but he only in act 3 so I go back to join
there but he has to leave after while but b4 I go I shop Hratli and he
has a plus 3 warcries sword for sale so she buys it for frenzybarb :) .

I check and see if agd is up and it is so Im like yay I can move sword
to barb quick I drop sword for him and bring him back to pick it up
and he rades it for 1 of the scourges he had on switch for warcries it
was just an 5 socket scourge i put honor in but it gave it plus 1
skills and it helped his cries a lil. And it a nice weapon to for mid
level so I decide to save it on mule I move over to other side of wall
by stash and drop it as drop it some1 named blooper74 joins game. I
dont know who he is at all but seen him in agd b4 and he see my drop
scourge so I thoguht it would be ok and go back to stash to get some
gems to mule to while i am muling scourge. and then blooper walks right
up and just takes the scourge without saying nething at all. I say hey
that not for giveaway and he just says just looking he dont drop it
for a while I wait and he say just looking again and FINALLY drops it.
I tell him its rude to pick up things ppl drop for muling without
asking to see if they say ok first specially since I made sure not to
put it newhere near giva away fire. He just say he been picking up ppls
stuff when they drop it for muling in agd for over a year and I am only
1 who complains and that he is known as 1 of th emost trustworthy ppl
in agd. I just say well then he been rude for over a year then.

I wait to see if blooper leave cuz I know ppl who come in games just
looking for stuff never quest and if they know they won get free stuff
they leave. He don leave leave he just stay in rogues and keep saying
how he 1 of most trustworthy ppl in agd and I don have right to be mad
with him cuz he do that all the time. I already know im not gonna mule
when he in game but i wait a bit more in case some1 i do know come in
to hold spiderweb sash cuz i dont want that on ground for muling even
in priavte game. then blooper starts saying how he like me and nest
real nice thing he finds he gonna give it to me. I tell him I never
asked for nething from him cept to stop being rude and then he tells me
I am 1 being rude for not being grateful he gonna give me something for
peace offer. it start feeling kinda creepy so I decide not wait nemore
and just leave and then game goes poof and I get in sin bin. grrrrrr

After I am out of bin I make my own mulegame and while im waiting 4 it
to get permed jabber comes in and he have stuff he wants held for
muling to so we help each other mule stuff and it nice cuz it help rem
how nice it is to have friends from agd to help u when u need it and
4get about blooper. So good things and bad things 2day but more good
than bad so it was fun :) 


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May 25, 2005 9:47:49 AM

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Perhaps if I can free myself from the addiction of hardcore I can bring
my necro (act 2 NM) in sometime and hook up with you guys.

I am also hoping that I can talk my wife into taking about a week off
from her disney game and I take a week off from HC and I get her in to
the agd and we finish the characters we started. I'll let all know if
she willing to play in large party.

Glad to hear about your fun time.

GImmersheds - nice!

Orion Ryder