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I just got my 875P chipset MOBO up and running (Abit IC7-G, P4 2.8GHZ 800fsb, 2x512gb Corsair PC3500, 2x120gb Seagate SATA RAID0, Radeon 9800 Pro, WinXP Pro).

I had seen some mention of people "burning" their systems in and one software pkg that was mentioned was SiSoftware Sandra. I downloaded it and have it running and I'm running the "Burn-in Wizard". And, I'm just letting it run 10 times. However, I just watched my cpu temp go up to 70C degrees and I think it's stopped running or something. I guess that's why I do this????

Now, I "kind of" understand why I might be doing this; however, could some of you comment on this and tell me what exactly it is doing and what others are using to do this same thing?
Is this "burn-in" needed anyway?

Also, I installed the Hardware Doctor by Winbond that came with the Abit mobo. Is this motherboard "monitoring" software ok to use or what is the opinion of this and/or are there others out there that are better or others prefer??

I guess I should also ask if there are other utilities that I don't have a clue that I might need. Eventually, I want to try the OC'ing stuff but not right away so maybe there is something related to that as well??

Well, I put in Delta Force 2 to just see how this thing works ... and I guess I have to "tweak" this machine some more. It looked like the cpu temp was getting warmer (i couldn't tell what it got too) -- but, just getting in the game, the system beeped at me and then it turned itself off. So, I take it I need to either set my CPU TEMP to a higher amt or don't let it turn the system off if it hits that "danger" mark. Can someone comment on this too?

Thanks for any info -- I'm lost on this stuff. Sorry for the ignorant questions!

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  1. get a better cooler & try again... dont put the warning temps too high as the core will be prob busted if it goes to above 90-100 degrees...
    you want to aim for temps of below 55degrees at the most under full load...

    try running the system with the side open, poss U just have bad airflow, any case fans ???

    Hmmm, wonder if I can get a valid page fault ???
    these invalid ones are far too commonplace...
  2. Will try another cooler I think.

    I haven't changed the warning temps but I belive it's set to 70 or 75 and I can't do too many "tests" on it before it "dies" (or turns itself off).

    Well, I'm running idle around 51-55C degrees. When I put that load on it (with Delta Force 2 and that Sandra program), it got up to the 70C degrees area and on DF2 it turned off.

    Case: I've got a Coolermaster case with a top fan, 2 front fans and a rear fan. Also, getting all these temp numbers have been with the side panel off. I could have some issues w/ airflow b/c of my cabling at this point -- but I *wouldn't* think that would cause this much of a prob and cause me to be idling at a number (50-55C) where you say I should be on a heavy load. So, there's something happening here ... I'll just continue to play with it and see.

  3. Some folks are getting inaccurate temp readings with IC7. Check the <A HREF="http://forum.abit-usa.com" target="_new">Abit Forum</A>. I believe Abit said it's working on the issue.
  4. Thanks Prof. I am reading those boards now ... and see some temps where I *should* be. Saw your post on the other thread and started reading.

    thanks. -ot
  5. Hey ot,

    Did you remember to peel off the cover on the thermal pad?
    If you didn't it could explain your high readings.
  6. OH GEEZ ... I don't know. I don't recall peeling off anything. Crap.

    I'll check --- it was just a "grayish/blackish" looking "square pad" -- I didn't realize there was somethign on it unless I've forgotten now.

    Thanks Bob -- I'll look ...
  7. I'm sorry - I don't know if I did this or not.

    it's a dark gray color ... it is kind of like that "scratch off" stuff that is on game pieces - you know what i mean. Except this scrates off easier and has a silver looking back to it.

    I could have removed it but I don't remember now. Does that sound right what I have said above about what it is like?

    -- edit --
    I should also say that my CPU temp has been coming down to around 46.50 C degrees (IDLE). Now, I think there is one main reason for this and possibly two -- 1st - I am in a small room but have 5 other computers in here plus other "stuff". I have another a/c unit and I turn it on occassionally and I think it's helping keep it cooler. My other systems seem not to care if it gets a little warm in here so I didn't think it would be a huge deal until I started reading more about this. The 2nd reason might be because I did get upgraded to the 11 BIOS and maybe that is helping??? I don't know.

    I think I might still go with another heatsink/fan ... and that thermal compound ... but I'm not sure yet.

    thanks bob. how's your install / sys coming along?

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  8. Hey ot

    I'm coming along OK after some problems recognizing drives. I set up my RAID after I used XP to format my two drives in IDE channels. I couldn't find any instructions on how to do it any other way so I did it the way I always have. I'm installing XP Pro now on my RAID 0 WD800JB X 2 drives. The serillel adapter came yesterday but our daughter was over and I spent the day with her and my wife. Pretty nice. I drove her home this morning and got back after noon. I've been working on this box ever since.

    I used a third party heat sink so I checked the Intel HS that came with my CPU. There isn't anything to peel off. If you did peel off the thermal pad your numbers would be worse. That room you're in with five computers must be hot! Open a window! :smile:

    I used Artic Silver III on the Swiftech MCX4000 HS. That and this screaming Delta fan (68.5 CFM) may account for the lower numbers I'm getting. I'm also using a Lian Li PC60 USB case with three fans + an Enermax PSU with two more. Staying cool so far but I haven't stressed it yet.

    Windows just aborted the installation AGAIN. My RAID 0 failed. Time to start over. I flashed to BIOS v.11 so there shouldn't be a problem with the RAID drives being recognized with two Serillel 2 converters but something keeps screwing up my second drive. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

    Keep me posted.

  9. Bob - this might or might not help you ...
    I had a lot of probs when I flashed my BIOS from 10 to 11. (note: I already had WinXP installed and running... :( )
    So, over on the Abit forums, I posted my problems which basically in a nutshell was I couldn't boot or do anything as my drives wouldn't recognize. Anyway, that doesn't seem to be your problem but if this can help you in any way, you might just take a look ...

    <A HREF="http://forum.abit-usa.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9547" target="_new">Abit Forum</A>

    Go down close to the bottom -- look for my posting and then a guy named LEONPRO ... His posting was the one that got me BACK ON TRACK!!!

    Anyway, I had a lot of issues ... and I never knew some of the BIOS settings that he had me go do that I was supposed to.

    And, since I'm running SATA drives .. I don't know if that makes a difference or not since you are running IDE but with the adapter.

    Anyway .. might try.

    I'll be looking into other fans/heatsinks too... so far, so good -- but sys is running a little too warm still - right around 50C degrees but that is not with my extra a/c going either.

    Good luck and let me know how you do.
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