WANTED - Dell xps 8700m video card

Does anyone have a working video card for a Dell XPS M1730 - 8700m or 8800m - at a reasonable price
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  1. Take a look on eBay...
    The standalone cards are cheaper but your system is designed for Dual (that is if you want to use 2).
    Pretty sure you can get a dual for $199...
    I'm assuming that doesn't work with your "at a reasonable price" phrase.
    If not then just get a single card and pass on the dual setup. But I would check to make sure your laptop will allow a single card setup or if it would not work for some reason. Most laptops are proprietary you you can only use the video card(s) that are specifically designed for it.
  2. I'm an avid ebayer and the prices are much more than $199. I'm also not too tech brother told me I need this particular video card. When you say stand alone, can you give me an example of a model number so I can look for one? Is that the one with just one fan? I've seen plenty of them.
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  4. Did you ever find that video card? I have a Dell XPS M1730 that I am trying to get rid of with two NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT video cards.
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