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How long does it take to build a 3D character that does nothing but stand there and what is the cost, approx ? I am talking about just a basic figure, nothing complicated.
Thank you guys
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  1. what program do u want to view it in...

    or do u siply what a picture of the finished thing from a few view points

    id use google's 3D sketchup would take a few hours to do a full person well
  2. Cost? Well... whatever the cost of the software is. I guess time is money too. Perhaps you should provide some more info about what you're doing as the previous poster said.
  3. Thank you for the reply's...Sorry about not being specific but I can't say much about it without a confidentiality form signed, etc. as the project is a new concept. However I can say that it is for a mobile device and the character is human. I am working with Maya. The character does nothing right now, just a front view. I am trying to get a rough idea as the person I have working on it seems to be having dificulty. Just say that I bought the software, how do you go about charging for the character, hourly or a certain amount for each character, and if hourly, how long does it take in average. Thank you for your help, I just don't want to be taken advantage of here.... :)
  4. Oh I see what you mean now, but unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how much you should charge.
  5. It is not what I would charge, I am being charged but the person doing the work is new at building characters like this and seems to be charging a lot more than expected and at the same time having trouble with the system. I just feel that if a person is learning how to use the program they should not be charging me for learning too.... I just want comformation that I am doing the right thing or not, or should I hire someone else? Thank you anyway....
  6. try using google sketchup easy and intuitive program looks great for 3d modles and u could do it ur self.... i learnt how to use it in a week and produced excellent 3d building modles for my uni projects, check out videos and pictures of it on the internet.

    and its free to downlaod..
  7. Thank you for that....Maybe I should rephrase the question,..."Has anyone built a 3D human Character for a client and charged, what is the cost, and how long is normal time to create one."
    That is basically what I am looking for....Thanx again for your reply's....
  8. Ah, so you are being charged. If you think about it, apprentices get paid for learning their trade and often work with actual clients of the company. However, they get paid almost nothing for it. There is no way this pesron could charge as much as a properly trained and qualified person, however I have no reference point (as in, I don't know how much a trained person would charge) for judging how much less they should be charging.
  9. I think your best bet is to ask this question at cgsociety.org
  10. Thanx boss! I was ondering the same thing :)
    Take care!
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