Very Low FPS for an Unknown Reason

Hey you folks here seem to be pretty knowledgable and I've come to loose ends everywhere else I have tried so here goes.

Basically I am getting an fps of around 20 in games like World of Warcraft, 4-5 even when in intense boss fights. However I shouldn't be hitting anywhere near these numbers, I have the settings on the absoloute minimum and have tried editing settings on the graphics card with RivaTuner but to not avail.

I am using a What the Hell Inspiron 1720 with the following specs:

2.4Ghz Dual Core
NVidia 8600M GT
300Gb 7200RPM HD

I have run out of ideas, what could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance for any response I get.
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  1. Im having the exact same problem almost...

    Im running a phenom quad core 2.2ghz, 2x evga 8800 gts 320mb cards(not in sli cause I use two monitors), 6gb ddr2 ram...

    I was using a 32bit version of windows and just recently switched it to 64bit which slightly improved the performance... but even still the game at minimal settings and resolution reduced drastically gives me about 9-12 fps in major cities/major boss fights etc.. sometimes drops to 2-5fps...

    I find it really hard to believe and very frustrating that such low fps is all my computer can produce... so any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Maybe a driver issue since your both on nvidia.

    I use Intel Q6600 3.2 with 4g ddr3 and ati 3650 and i get 70fps on epic flyer and 40-50 in dalaran.

    My i7 920 3.6 with 6g ram and ati 4870 gets 60 in dalaran and 90 on epic flyer.
  3. all my drivers are up to date
  4. That might be the issue, try a roll back
  5. Cheers but I have the latest drivers and there are only a couple released anyway since its an M card the drivers are released through Dell so there aren't many on offer.
  6. What is the difference between a M card and a standard 8600 GT?

    EDIT: never mind I found out it is a notebook.
    The last drivers that Nvidia shows is 179.48.

    Possibly try to run driver sweeper to delete the drivers and then reinstall.
    Sometimes Nvidia drivers dont install correctly untils all traces of the previous driver has been erased.
    Its worth a try.
  7. Yeah I always do that when installing drivers anyway, but it doesn't seem to be a driver problem I have tried three different versions now, one from Dell and two from other cards with modded INFs but it made absoloutely no difference to the FPS.
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