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hi i am building my own pc and with all the available motherboards in the market i would just like to know which is best in performance but inexpensive. i am not a gamer just an everyday user. i am looking into building and athlon XP 2400+ - 2500+ pc desktop and can you guys suggest or recommend a motherboard which is fit to my needs - performance, inexpensive, powerful. also in mind is the memory it needs - i am also thinking of getting DDR2700 or DDR3200 memories. can you also suggest which brands should i look for? thank you very much for all the help...
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  1. If you want to spend less than $100, then buy MSI K7N2-L

    If you need nForce APU (better than Audigy2), Firewire, Dual LAN, S-ATA, RAID; then buy MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR. This mobo also officially supports 400 MHz FSB

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  2. what type of memory should i use for these motherboards? i am thinking of using 2 DDR2700 or 3200s (512x2 = 1Gb) - is this right? and what brand is good for the said motherboards? again good but inexpensive... i also want a motherboard without those onboard audio so i can put my own preferred sound card.... anyways if i purchase any of these motherboards by MSI with onboard audio could i still install my own?

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