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Currently a computer I am working on is suffering lockups and certain times where the system won't post at all. I am trying to decide what component it could be that is causing the problem. CPU, Memory, Mainboard, or Power supply.

When I try to power on the system it takes three or 4 tries to get it to start normally (I.e. post and load O/S). The failed attempts provide power to the parts (spinning up the Hard drive and Cd-rom) but no signal is sent to the monitor, and no beeps are given to indicate that the system is posting. This would lead me to believe that the power supply unit is not working correctly.

The second problem occurs when the system randomly freezes up during normal operations, which I cannot determine what component is causing the malfunction.

Any idea's or helpful tips on how to determine the bad component?

K7S5A Mobo w/ athlon 1600, 256MB pc2100.
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  1. I would say its a bad power supply right off the bat. but to investigate if you want, take every thing out except the video card, one stick of memory, and main hard drive. restart and see if problem still occurs. Add in components one at a time untill problem comes back.
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