I have been console gaming for years and I just built my first Gaming rig. I was curios if anyone has used the X-Box 360 controller for windows and how do they like it? I know they also have a dongle for the PC so i guess I could use one of my 360 controllers that I already own? I believe they have wired and wireless controllers to for the PC.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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  1. I use a logitech gamepad sometimes, and lots of MS games think it's a 360 controller. I've noticed that those games typically don't let you remap the controls. Just a thought. Also, a little clip&solder of a 360 extension cable will turn it into a 360 -> USB converter (they're the same set of wires - I think there's something about it on
  2. Google Xpadder.

    Wonderful program lets you use any USB controller with any game, even those with no support.

    there's a tutorial on youtube if needed.
  3. I have the logitech USB version and love it.
    It comes with a profiler to remap keys, but I have only had to use it once.
    As stated above most games think nothing of it. They automattically find it.
    I have never had any lag with it.
    I read somewhere that the battery last longer but I cant say for sure.
    Ive had mine about 9 months and between me and the kids I have yet to change the batteries.
    Its cheaper also.
    Personally i like the feel better than the MS.
  4. This is the one I have
    Wireless is the way to go.
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