Wargame-g4wlive.exe error on gears of war pc

Has anyone hear ever had the problem wargame-g4wlive.exe on gears of war for pc. The game doesn't even start and the message comes out telling me to reinstall the game. I've seen that this is the same problem that has been bothering gamers for a long time now with the same game.
So I reinstalled the game and the same message came out. I've had this game since it came out in nov,07. I've also taken a look at epic games forums and it appears that noone there knows a solution to the problem.
If there is anyone here that knows a solution to the problem I would really be thankful for the hel.
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  1. download GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft.exe from sites such as filefront or just type it in Google. apparently one can only play Gears of War for a certain amount of time. crappy glitch this should fix it for you
  2. change your pc year to 2008
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