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this wonderful program lets you use a gamepad with anything, hell, i use it as my mouse!

Anyway, it's basically a keyboard emulator, in that you assign keys to your gamepad.

Example: logitech dual action controller the Triggers would be the mouse buttons...

You don't need to shy away from PC gaming because of the supposed lack of gamepad support, this fills the gaps for everything.

But, :whistle: of course, this goes against the orthodoxy of KB&M, and there are plenty of you that looks down upon such things as "gamepads"

And i fully know that KB&M is always superior in FPSs, but, some of us do not care, and would rather prefer a gamepad on their favorite games.

Besides, PC lacks the "pick-up and play" and "play on the couch with friends" aspect that consoles always enjoyed.
With Xpadder, we got the "pick-up and play" part down! (once you set it up, which isn't that hard)

but, for the "play on the couch with friends" part, that requires splitscreen support, which another program has to do, and unfortunately there isn't an easy program out there yet. There's a weird way to get splitscreen on Left 4 Dead, but it's too convoluted to be actually exploited by the average gamer.

Come on, developers, why do you think the Wii, despite its craptactular GPU and shovelware, was able to sell so much? It exploited the popular "Pick-up and Play" and "play on the couch" to an astronomical degree!

But, not everyone wanted the Wii, since it was too weak and gimmicky and casualy to them, and the PC was a more attractive option to them.

Is there ever a way to combine both to get the best of both worlds?
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  1. I have been struggling with this problem for over 10 years since

    We're really lucky that windows even sees these USB devices
    no thanks to their manufacturers and game designers.
    Game Controller support for most games is non existent.
    Software Support from the manufacturers (Logitech)
    is very poorly written.

    Xpadder supports over 20 manufactures from looking at their site.
    In addition I dont there is a game that can hide from Xpadder,
    its worked on quite a few FPS that otherwise had no support.

    Retail for $10 or u can google and download a older version.
    seems to be working well for me.

    I play Wow, Madden, Nascar and any decent FPS that will install

    Xpadder is ftw

    Dallas, TX
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