Ps3 audio lag.

Ive googled this topic to death and haven't found any solution to it.
I have a PS3 and a Xbox360 hooked up with optical cables to a Jvc TH-C60 home theater. My 360 is hooked to my Lcd (Samsung Lns3251d) with component cables , and the PS3 with HDMI . The Xbox has no problem at all , no delay what so ever. The PS3 on the other hand has less then a half a second delay on sound to picture and its really annoying . Its doesn't matter if I'm watching movie or playing a game, it just lags. Does anyone have the same problem? If it were my receiver then my xbox would lag also but it doesn't.
I hope its just a firmware issue with the PS3.
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  1. I assume both sound and video are going over the PS3 HDMI cable? I've never really had an issue, but I never tried sending both sources over HDMI at the same time...

    If your sound system accepts digital, you might want to hook the sound up via optical digital cable and see if that helps out. At the very least, this would let you know if its the system or just the connection.

    What sound formats are you trying to use (PCM 2.0, PCM 7.1, DD/DTS, etc). It could be lag by the HT system while decoding DD/DTS signals from the PS3...if all else fails, try PCM 2.0 and see if the lag still exists.
  2. I just saw your problem when i was searching for a solution as well... I hav'nt tried it yet, but it chould be auto set for dolby digital 5.1 .....surround sound. If you dont have surround sound, or even if you do, try switching to a different setting, like dolby digital 5. I have'nt tried this yet because i have'nt had time recently, but it is just a possibility that could make it work.
  3. Its because your xbox is running analog and the ps3 is digital. The receiver has to convert the digital code from the PS3 into analog before sending it to the speakers. The xBox is sending analog so there is no conversion so the audio gets to the speakers much quicker.

    To test this you can hook up your PS3 with the SCART cables and run hdmi to the TV and the red and white audio cables to the receiver. I have to turn the receiver on to direct mode so I only get 2 channel audio. (This sucks when you expect 5.1 or better). If you turn on any effects on the receiver/amplifier all hell breaks loose and you get lag again.

    Sucks to have invested in a 3000 dollar amp and only get to use 2 speakers. Im trying to think of some kind of analogue crossover that I could switch on to send the signal to my rear speakers.

    Maybe my amp will let me zone the rears as zone 2 and leave them in the surround sound setup on zone one as well. Then I could just turn on zone 2 when I'm playing games like RockSmith or SingStar.
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