Athlon MP w/ XP mobo.

I build computers for people and until now I've never had a request for a computer using an Athlon MP processor. The client wants a single processor Athlon MP system. All the motherboards I see are designed for dual processors. Will an Athlon XP motherboard work?

I feel like a complete idiot for not knowing this. Thanks in advance for your help.

Alex "f4shionablecha0s" Rawlings
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  1. Your client is funny, people get MP for the multi-processor and now he want to run a single one? Why not get XP instead for cheaper price in both CPU and mobo?

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  2. Perhaps he thinks MP is capable of hyperthreading??? ;o)

  3. heh. I've actually never worked with the Athlon MP. I get very little demand for servers. Does using a single Athlon MP offer any advantages?
  4. I see no real advantages for only using 1 CPU. In gaming, most games will only support 1 CPU anyway. But if the client wants to use only 1 Athlon MP, than I would suggest that he goes with an Athlon XP. They are cheaper and are more compatible with motherboards. Also if he wants to use the computer as a server, than it would be to his benefit to have dual CPU's.
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