agp440.sys - error while booting winXP?!

My old computer (the one I'm writing on now) is an upgraded Dell dimension xps t500.
Now I've bought a Asus a7n8x motherboard, amd 2100+, 256Mb 400MHz ram and a new tower with a new powersupply.

When I move my grapic card (elsa gladiac 920) and harddrive from this computer to the new one it crashes EVERY time it tries to boot winXP.

When trying to boot in safe mode I can se it's always at the "agp440.sys"-file. I've done quite a lot of reading about this around the internet and it might not even be this file that's causing the problem - some argue that it's just the last thing being written to the screen, that the problem is actually after that file... well nobody has come up with a satisfying solution so I'm asking you guys...

What to do?
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  1. i don't remember .. can you list say 5 files before that one hangs up?

    I know i had this problem before. I don't remember what i did. I think the motherboard was bad. it actuall fried too a month later and i said screw this and got an Intel. Have you tried a different AGP video card and hard drive? If you have one. Do that and let us know if it still does it.

    COuld also be bad RAM. WHat kind of power supply do you have in there? You need at least a 350 watt BRAND NAME power supply. Such as Enermax, Antec etc...

    but with my problem i had, i also had a bad power supply too! I had a bad ribbon cable as well. Which i just found with my new Intel setup.

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  2. hmm you know what? Is that video card AGP 1x,2x, 4x, or 8x?

    I know that with the Intel/AMD boards you cannot put a 1x/2x AGP card on the newer 4x and/or 8x AGP slot.

    Meaning 1x/2x will not work on a 4x/8x AGP slot. Actually it shouldn't even fit ... but it's worth a check.

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  3. You realize that Win XP won't let you make drastic hardware changes, right? If you change motherboards, you're going to have to boot from the Windows CD, act like you're going to install a new version of windows (keep going past "repair console"), and it will detect that Windows XP is already on the hard drive. It will then ask you whether you'd like to repair it, replace it, or add into another location. Tell windows to repair itself. It will then reload Windows onto the hard drive without changing any of your personal settings and most importantly, without formatting! You may hav to then re-activate Windows which is a pain if you have to do it over the phone, but not that big of a deal.

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  4. Even without reading your post this is exactly what I did and can you believe it - it worked.
    I don't even have to write it myself, cause you've done it.

    Thanks anyway! Hopefully your post will help someone else.
    Just try searching "agp440.sys" on and you'll get an idea of how many have this problem (and mistakingly think it's a graphic-card issue).
  5. No problem. It's one of the wonderful ways Microsoft tries to keep you from being too happy. Fortunately, there's a workaround, but it still doesnt change the unhappiness - lol.

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