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I dunno if this is the right place or what but here goes:

I am interested in buyin a new video card and have my eye on a Nvidia fx5500 Assylum edition from BFG Technologies. However due to my last video card purchase where I was less than happy with both the card (ATI radeon 9k from saphire tech, broke within like a month) and the return policy (I gotta pay for shipping)so I am leery of going with a new company...have you guys had any bad/good experiences with BFG?
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  1. BFG is not a fly-by-night outfit, if that's what you mean. Even though the FX5500 is an older middle-of-the-road in terms of performance, it's still a decent card. BFG turns out cards that come already tweaked, so the card will give you the top power you can expect from that level of card.

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