Directx ....GRRRRRR Help

This is the story:
3 days ago I bought this,

1Gh Athlon thunderbird
Asus A7V133 mb
256 mb 133 ram
IBM Deskstar 30gb, 7200rpm ( NEW)
leadtek GTS Pro 64mb

Drivers I use are:
4 in 1 (latest) drivers for VIA chip
bios version 1004 for ASUS board (latest)
10.80 drivers for G-Force card

Prior to this I ran a 500mhz Athlon and MSI 6167 motherboard with Matrox G400 video card.
This system I ran for about a year with no hitches.

O/S is windows 98SE for both, DX8 for both.

The problem is this:
Since installing NEW motherboard/CPU/Video card/ Harddisk, windows has been doing strange things.
Yesterday after putting New stuff into case in a freshly partitioned and formated things went great. Installed all latest drivers and machine was good. THEN CAME DIRECTX 8a, installed it and rebooted.
Upon reboot the machine froze before getting into windows with this message "WINDOWS PROTECTION ERROR","YOU WILL NEED TO RESTART YOU MACHINE"... So I did and went into safe mode to check what was up. Looked at DX8 diag screen to see any errors and there was none, scan disk nothing, so reinstalled DX8 and rebooted....same error message!!!!
Tried everything I know and still no boot other than safe mode.
SO, I formatted again and am now running DX6.1 bloody worried about upgrading DX.
Looked everywhere for a fix but cant find one.

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  1. If I have my system overclocked too much, it does the same thing. You might be running into a heat issue, even if you're not overclocked.
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