windows installer doesn't see my raid array HELP!

So here I am trying to get my new system up and running. Abit NF7-s 2.0, 2 WD 7200 80GB SATA hard drives, and 2500+ mobile. Windows doesn't see my array, it only sees it as the two 80 gigs. I enabled RAID in the bios, set it up in the raid bios. Went to install XP, hit F6 to install the drivers, done. Go to install XP and it only sees the two hard drvies as separate 80gigs not one large disk.

At each reboot I get the promt to edit/see details on the array, so I know it's setup. But in the bios it no longer shows both hard drives as being present at the screen where it shows all installed hard/CD drives. Before enabling raid it showed them both. I went back and disabled RAID in the bios and when I do this the two drives show back up in this screen.

I think the bios does know it's there though because I can see it in the boot order screen. I pulled both jumpers out of the hard drives and they seem to be working fine. Booted up with fdisk and it said it only saw 1 hard drive so I assume it sees the array.

I followed all direction exactly like they said in the manual and even did my homework before trying to set it up. This is very annoying, been trying to get this to work for the last 2 days. Help!
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  1. Assuming you have everything setup properly hardware wise and have read the 2 <A HREF="" target="_new">Hard Drive FAQ's in this forum</A> I would suggest to look at the drivers you are trying to use, are they the original ones for your Motherboard?

    (I am assuming that yor RAID is onboard)
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