Two Sapphire Radeon HD 3870's 1GB

Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and the main reason I am here is to sell parts! Up right now is a pair of sapphire radeon hd 3870's. I've had them for a few years now and they still run like a champ. They've never been overclocked and they've never been taken out of the computer since 2 weeks ago. They're 1GB each and I'm asking for $75. I will though take offers. Enjoy.

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  1. According to this site's article "Best graphics cards for your money: may 2011" these two cards are equivalent to a GTS 450. FYI
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  3. PRICE DROP!!!!! Now $50 for the pair. These ARE working in perfect condition and perform as well as a GTX 450 which sells for $100.
  4. Those cards are awesome, in a retro way. I'd totally buy them if I was in the market. Keep it up, somebody'll grab them, they're only 50 dollars.
  5. I wana sell em for $75 but w/e $50 is a fantastic price for practically a GTS 450.
  6. from what I recall, a 3870 is roughly equal to a 9600gt. Two 9600gt is a little bit better than a 4870. that puts it at around 6790/550 ti/460 768mb territory. However, crossfire was probably worse than sli back then.
  7. both of them together according to an article from this site, is equivalent to a GTS 450
  8. Are these $50 for both of them?
  9. Any history of sellng?
  10. No but I promise you you will receive them and if your not satisfied, I'll give u a full refund.
  11. I have sold stuff on other sites and I have an ebay account that I sell on. I do everything through paypal too so if anything goes wrong (nothing will) but if something out of the clear blue sky does, I'll refund you or else paypal will get you ur money back anyway
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