ASUS VE228H 21.5" LED-LCD Monitors x2

Hey everyone, up for sale is two asus 21.5" monitor. Its LCD as well as LED and heres the link for the full spec:

I've had these for not even a month and I have the original packaging, manuals, and cables with it as well. You can't go wrong with these monitors. The price for one of these on newegg is $150. I'm going to sell these for $120 since they are practically brand new and with the original packaging. I have a third one that I will sell if these two do get sold so I can just get a single 27" monitor. If you would like I could sell all three for $300 if you are willing to buy the three. I will take offers on the two or just the single monitor but not for the $300. Enjoy.

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  1. EDIT: I noticed the "Open Box" monitors on newegg are going for $110 so thats the new price for each monitor. And the price for all 3 is now $290.
  2. bump
  3. PRICE DROP!!!! $100 for each monitor. I guarantee you I haven't had these for even a month. They are practiacally brand new with manual and boxing straight from compUSA. And the price for all three is $250.
  4. I'll take all 3 for 250
    my number is 647-404-1885
    flip me a text
  5. not sold yet, bump
  6. I will take all three for $250. Email me for number.
  7. i want 1, pm me asap on info so i could pay right now
  8. Your price is almost, almost as cheap as the ones I saw at I'd purchase yours but I kinda want to get a better deal at the penny auction sites. I know this may bite me in the butt after (meaning yours turn out to be cheaper) but then again I could get the same at $20. Will let you know how it turns out.
  9. dude this has been sold looooonnnnngggggg time ago...check the date it was posted lol
  10. ya....its not sold yet. I, ummmmm, totally forgot about my posts on this site. Its still up if anyone is still looking for em.
  11. wow, 4 months ago i wanted this soo bad and messaged you allot and u didnt even respond 1ce.
  12. totally my fault.......really sorry about that, i just completely forgot about my posts on this site
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