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I generally dont know what sata raid is. Please explain. I know it has something to do with 2 HD's
I have a Maxtor 40 gig ata 133 (3 weeks old) and a7n8x deluxe mobo, it trys to detect this on start up but of course cannot find it I have my HD connected with IDE cables. Can I use this feature?

another good one regarding memory in my appears that my 2 256 pc2700 sticks of PNY ram are not stable in the (blue slots) when my FSB is at 166. I play a game for around 45 mins, resarts.
I ran my setup with 1 stick in, played for hours, nothing bad happens. I put the other stick in DIMM 1 i believe(the 2 closest together, blue black). So far have not had shut down, but performance seems to suffer a bit...
any opinions or comments please, would like to run Dual channel if possible.
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  1. Okay, to run it in dual channel, you need to put one of the sticks in port one or two (left) and the other into port three (far right). You'd think it would have been common sense to color the two needed for dual channel operation the same and group <i>them</i> together, But apparently none of the mobo makers did that for reasons unknown.
    As for RAID, this board only supports RAID on the two Serial ATA ports. If you want to use the onboard RAID, you've got two options: Buy parallel>Serial ATA adaptors or buy Serial ATA drives. Option three is to buy an ATA 100/133 PCI RAID. Not what you wanted to hear, I know, but that's what you're stuck with.

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  2. the blue slots are dual channel slots correct. I am running them in the 2 that are closest together(1 blue slot 1 black) what is good ram, thats not to expensive. Kingston hyperx good?
  3. Dang, my mistake. I had to break down and open my case on that one. You're right about color. Oops. Let's put it this way. Leave the center slot empty.

    I haven't heard many good things about Kingston here on the forums. I run Corsair Ram, but that definately falls into the "expensive" catagory. There is Corsair value Ram (and then when people ask what you have, just say Corsair and listen to them say ooooh - lol) for $43 per stick of 256MB PC3200 on Googlegear. Really I think you should read through the memory forum here to get some more input on RAM.

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  4. RAID is when you connect multiple hard drives to a RAID controller so the computer can treat them as one hard drive. The benefit depends on how you configure the RAID array. RAID 0 mean the computer "stripes" your information across two (or more) hard drives. If you hook up two 40 gig hard drives in a RAID 0, the computer will see one 80 gig hard drive. Since the computer can then read from and write to both hard drives simultaneously, you nearly double the speed in comparison to one hard drive.

    RAID 1 is known as "mirroring." If you hook up two 40 gig hard drives in a RAID 1, the computer will see one 40 gig hard drive, and will make a copy of everything you save. There's no performance gain from a RAID 1, but you always have a backup copy of your hard drive, in case one fails.

    There are other RAID configurations, but RAID 0 and RAID 1 are by far the most popular for desktop PC's.

    The only difference between SATA RAID and regular RAID is that you would use SATA (serial ATA) hard drives, which, at the moment, are somewhat difficult to find. You can convert regular PATA hard drives to SATA by using PATA-SATA adaptors...that might be a good solution if you want RAID and your board doesn't have on-board PATA RAID...

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