Best way to ship a PC?

Hey guys, what is the best way you use to ship a PC? I looked and UPS/Fedex want about 200 bucks to get a pc shipped...where do you guys get your boxes and what company do you use? Thanks!
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  1. I normally have the boxes here from old boxes i buy online, I tend to use USPS since they dont charge like ups and fedex does.
  2. United States Postal Service (USPS)

    Find some styrofoam or towels or something and ship it in a box from Walmart. The USPS charges by weight (mostly). You can customize a Walmart box with some scissors and tape to fit your computer better.
  3. Really? I went to the UPS Store a couple of years ago and shipped a computer for like $25. Is that the price they quoted you at the store or did you just do an online search?
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