Need Help really bad!!!

I had a asus mobo with raid 0 and 2X40G Hard drive. Then I partition the HD in 4 section. 3 partition had O/S and 1 was used to store stuff. The asus A7V133 mobo died. I need to get some info off the HD. It doesn't mater if I have to format one of the partition and reinstall the O/S.

Now I just got a MSI K7N2G-ILSR. When I boot up, this line blinks. “1 2+0 Stripe 81964M 9964/255/63 off line” Now I’m assuming that the RAID 0 is off line.

If I go to the Fast Built screen “Ctrl + F” and del the array, then create a new one, will it work? Will I lose all my info on my HD by del my array?

Dose any body know what I should do???
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  1. If I don't get any help with this subject, I will be forced to format my HD. My wife doesn’t want to lose the photos of my little girl that I had saved on my computer.
  2. If you delete and re-create the array, you will lose all the data. It seems that the raid bios of the MSI mobo can't recognize the raid 0 array previously built by raid bios of the Asus mobo. I guess you should check if you new mobo has any raid utility program which would fix this problem.
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