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Hi all, I'm brand new to PC Gaming and I'm loving it so far! I built my own system a few weeks ago and have played COD WoW and Crysis so far. First off here is my rig.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Case

Evga 750i SLI FTW Mobo

Evga GTX 260 Super Overclocked Edition 216- 896MB GPU ( Stock Clock )

G.Skill 4Gb RAM

Intell Q6600 CPU ( Stock Clock and Cooler )

Corsair TX 750W PSU

Asus 22x22 Optical Drive SATA


Windows XP Pro sp3 32 Bit

It was a budget build! Any how I am reading that people commonly have problems running Crysis and I am happy to say that so far so good here. I am currently using my LCD TV as a monitor and the res. on it is 1366X768 and my games are set at 1360X768 with vsync enabled to get rid of screen tear.

I read that when you have vsync enabled in Crysis that you should have triple buffering on. Well I figured out how to do so in my nvidia controll panel and when playing Crysis I get about 45 to 50 FPS with no screen tear at all. It does go up to 62 FPS to sometimes. Is this good I wonder at this resolution with every thing set to high in the game settings?

It looks good to me! In fact it looks amazing :) I know there are some number crunchers that want as many FPS as possible but does it really matter if the game plays and looks great? I have been trying to understand all of the tweaks that are possible in PC gaming and alot of it is like trying to read chinese to me. Am I currently getting the most out of Crysis with these settings? Also does anyone know if I can use the Natural Mod. with this set up?

Thanx for any help or suggestions givin.
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  1. Well, I don't use v-sync just because I've never really seen a need to, but those are good numbers to get with Crysis. Using the Natural Mod should be fine, there is a noticeable increase in visual quality (especially when your under some trees and the light filters down). You might want to run it on Very High just to see how it goes, as Crysis is a little different than most shooters in that its very playable at 30 FPS (compared to COD which is impossible at those FPS).
  2. tallguy1618 said:
    You might want to run it on Very High just to see how it goes

    Well it's good to hear that they are decent numbers :) but I can't select (very high) settings cause i'm running XP! Don't ya need Vista for that? Cause of Direct X10. The game doesn't even allow me to select (Very High) :( Just High, Med and Low.

    I use vsync cause I get nasty screen tear without it only cause my TV can only really handle 60FPS. Also I read that if your using a low resolution like myself that the natural mod. can cause me some problems. Frame rates ect...

    Is it worth a try ya think?
  3. The worst that can happen is u uninstall the mod if u dont like it, so theres not much reason not to try it
  4. Whats all the HYPE??? Wow you get good frames on low resolution with good components. Whoopty DOO. People that dont are playing at higer resolutions.

    You dont have nothing special going here.
  5. tallguy1618 said:
    The worst that can happen is u uninstall the mod if u dont like it, so theres not much reason not to try it

    Ok thanx man, I installed the mod and love it! I also installed the 3 patches also but now after installing the second patch it seems that the hummers in the game doesn't have rear wheels. Oh well, loving it just the same!

    I don't know what daship is talking about. I am just trying to learn some things about PC gaming and how my rig and setup is performing. No hype here just trying to get some info from my favorite PC forum.
  6. You might want to look at upgrading to 64 bit Vista. With 4 gigs of RAM AND 896 MB of graphics RAM, theres a lot of wasted memory with your 32 bit. Vista is fine now, most games actually run a bit faster with SP1 than in XP. If you do upgrade, definitely get 64 bit.

    On a side note, Windows 7 is coming out soon so you might want to wait for that. Another complication is that there's a rumor that MS is making Windows 7 a free upgrade from Vista, meaning that it may be cheaper to buy 64 bit Vista for 100 dollars (OEM) now with the free upgrade than to buy Windows 7 later.
  7. Yeah I know I do have wasted memory right now and the fella who helped me pick out my hardware asked me if I wanted to go with Vista or XP and metioned that 7 was coming out soon. In fact he is running 7 RC right now and he loves it. I chose to go with XP till 7 comes out cause I'm not a big fan of Vista.

    When you install a upgraded or different OS do you have to do a full re format of your HDD or is it just a upgrade type of a thing? And also will I have to install all new drivers for my hardware when I do?

  8. I'm another vsync user. I know there aren't many of us, but I can't stand the screen tearing you get otherwise, properly does my nut!

    And I don't know what's up with daship...
  9. I can't play some games without vsync either.
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