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hey guy's i need help trying to use my xp repair feature
i put my xp cd in and click on the repair option and it asks for a password. i didnt set any passwords on my pc and now i have no idea how to use this repair tool now. would any of you guy's be able to help me out with this? i am really lost on this one..
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  1. It asks for your Administrator's password. I guess you're using XP Home so by default its passwork is blank. Just press ENTER at its prompt.
    To reinstall the whole system, instead of choosing Repair Option at its Setup menu screen, just press ENTER (for new installation option). On the next few screens, after XP Setup searchs and finds your OS, it will prompt you to choose either Repair or New installation. You can choose Repair option here. It won't require Administrator's password.

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  2. hey thanks for your help khha4113 ,i will try that out ...
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