Which is the highest quality xbox 360 cd rom

I have the BENQ VAD6038 DVD drive, I was wondering which cd rom drives microsoft uses goes out the most? I know they use:

BENQ VAD6038 DVD drive
Hitachi GDR-3120L
Toshiba/Samsung TS-H943A
Toshiba SD-S802A

Not interested in ease of moding just qaulity of the drives.

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  1. Well, taking a cue from the "what's the best DVD drives" polls I've seen online, the BENQ has been getting great feedback. I assume that applies here as well.
  2. Unless you buy a old used one your not gonna get any of those drives.

    All the new drives are lite-on. They all mod easy.
  3. Well, what do you know about their quality daship?
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