Crysis problem freeze

Hi! sorry my english, but I'm argentinian
I'm having a problem with crysis and crisys warhead. Just about 4 minutes after I start playing, de computer frozen. Appears a dark blue image and I have to reboot my PC.
I tried updating SP 2 to Service Pack 3, I have installed de last ATI drivers, I run Ati Tool to see if my video card had artifacts, and even more things, but nothing solve the problem and I still can't play. I really do not know what to do.....

My PC is this:
Core 2 DUo E8400
HD 4850 XFX XXX edition
2gb 800mhz Kingston
Mother Gigabyte EP43 DS3L
CX Performance 600 W
320 GB sata 2
Windows XP professional SP 3

These photos show the frozen screen:

Any solution ???
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  1. You can see if there's anything wrong with your memory: Memtest86
  2. I'm thinking the CPU/GPU temperatures? possibly PSU?
  3. Quite possible as well... any updates Fox Hound?
  4. Yes, I have sent it to the place where I bought it.
    He said some stupid things, such as that maybe some parts were incompatible. For example, maybe the mother Gigabyte doesn't work well with Kingston's memory, or with XFX's video card.....He said that if the problem is that, the warranty won't help me. Argentinian sellers are like that

    Tomorrov I'll know what the problem is, so I'll tell you
  5. Wow...i would really trust that guy :sarcastic: sounds like he knows his stuff :whistle:
  6. Just to be clear OP, rewindlabs is being sarcastic. And he shares my sentiments. Have they even tried to fix your PC?
  7. Well, today they return it to me saying that it was a Ram problem. They changed Kingston for Novatech, and he told me that he had tested it 45 min. and that it worked fine

    But the problem continues....I play 12 min and the computer freeze, and then I can only play 4 minutes until it freezes again...

    One frien told me it is the video card, he is sure....I have a 4850 XFX XXX edition, and he said it can be two problems: or the video card is broken, or it is bad designed and don't work because of temperature
  8. I started a different thread, but no one responded... hopefully some will respond to this one.

    Is there a multiplayer campaign mode in crysis similar to games like L4D or UT3 etc?
  9. I finally made it!!!
    After 2 months without computer, they finnally changed the video card and the problem was fixed....

    If anyone has this problem with games, don't waste time, change the videocard

    Thanks to all of you for your help
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