FS: Triple Monitor Setup 20.1"x30"x20.1" w/ Custom Stand PRICE LOWERED

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  1. I also will consider trades for a 27" 250x1440 + cash
  2. Why not just keep the 30" you have and sell the other 2??
  3. I need a 27
  4. FYI the 30 in is 1200-1400$ new and the 20in monitors arnt worth a whole bunch. Have you tried an adapter HDMI to DVI to use your current setup?
  5. the 20" are worth $150 a piece and the stand is over $500
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  8. lowered the price
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  14. How much you want for that monitor in the middle?
  15. Please do not bump your own thread more then once in a 24 hour period.
  16. bump, new low price, will list until 8/13/2011 and if it doesn't sell I'm parting it out
  17. bump, 2 days left before it goes on ebay
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