My computer won't start up my operating system

Hello, so I have a Sony Vaio laptop and what has recently happened is...
I was downloading music (I realize its bad, but after this Im always buying CD's) and a window popped up that said "Woah google chrome just crashed would you like to restart?". I thought that it only meant restart google chrome, but when I click yes, it restarted my entiore computer. When it tried to turn back on it said "no operationg system found" so I turned it off and back on, a screen cam up that asked if I wanted to fix problums or restart normally, and I said restart normally. When I did this, the windows symbol came on and said "windows is starting" but stayed like than longer than normal. So I turned it off and on again, and this time I chose the repair one. it was "repairing" for around 15mins, and then my dad told me it shouldnt take that long and tole me to shut it off, and I did. When I turned it back on it showed the vaio symbol, then went blank. I had to go to work so my dad is working on it at home. He called me to tell me that he once again got the "no operating system found" thing again...what do I do?
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  1. You no longer have an OS. Your HD may have crashed. But if you really got a message "Woah . . . " (and even if you didn't), its more likely you've been zapped by a virus.

    In either case, the first step - the only step - is to reload the OS using your Recovery Disk.

    Oh, wait . . . Sony didn't give you one? And you didn't make one when you first got the PC? Maybe you can buy one from Sony.
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