4GB ram
XFX GTX 260 core 216
Core 2 duo E6750 @ 3 ghz (can go way way past that with anything other than the stock cooler)
250gb sata 7200rpm hdd
Gigabyte GA-G31m-ES2l motherboard
Corsair 600 watt psu
the monitor is a 17" Acer

It's over all a great pc for the price, it's been able to play everything I've thrown at it at really good framerates. My dad built it for my brother, but he's going off to college and would rather have a laptop.

The buy it now price on ebay is $250, but feel free to make an offer (with in reason, of course)

If you do not want to do local pickup, we have to deal through ebay using paypal. (for security reasons) If you want to arrange a local pickup, I will ONLY accept cash.

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  3. Hello, i sent you a pm yesterday regarding the pc
  4. oz73942 said:
    Hello, i sent you a pm yesterday regarding the pc

    Thanks! I just responded. In case anyone else is wondering, the monitor's resolution is 1280X1024.
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