FS: Powerful Gaming Rig $500

For sale is a Gaming Rig in Excellent Condition. Was homebuilt by a certified COMP A+ technician last year and hasn't had a hiccup since.

Athlon X4 II 640 @ 3.00ghz (Never overclocked)
4GB Ripjaws G.Skill RAM DDR3 1600
5770 1GB HIS GFX card
MSI Gamer 770 Mobo /w crossfire
HAF 912 Mid tower (with front red led fan installed by me)

The Rig is spotless and runs majority of today's and future games on max and should be able to run future games such as BF3 and MW3 on high detail if not max. Plays Crysis 2 on max quality at 1600x1200 as well as Black Ops on max settings both MP and SP with no issues at all that other rigs have been having. I built the computer with gaming and video editing in mind and as a future-proof pc that would allow me to go at least a year or 2 before a serious upgrade. With another 40 dollar investment on 4gb more ram or 160 for 4gb AND another 5770 for crossfire, you should'nt have to upgrade for years to come.

A important note is that i am selling it with 1 wiped clean 60gb IDE hard drive i don't have a back-up drive to store my data one just yet, but if i do manage to grab one, i will update you and add all 3 hard drives currently installed with a 50 dollar price for all 3.

1x Seagate IDE 160gb
1x Western Digital IDE 40gb
1x Western Digital Sata 250gb

My monitor goes with it unless we come to a deal below $500 for free. Cash only. If you want to see how it runs games. Welcome to showcase.
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  1. Would you part out? i really want that WE 250. How much would you want for it?
  2. What PSU? Does it have an OS installed on it?
  3. Its the Tuniq 650w Potency PSU sli/crossfire ready and 80 Plus. Really cool PSU for it runs for about a minute after the system shuts down to make sure the system components are cooled. No OS however and i won't part out, sorry.
  4. Well, considering some of the part selection and being slightly older, this computer could be built for less then $500 with better parts here and there (like a better brand PSU or a better motherboard)

    I just don't see this selling for that much, seeing that it is used, sorry.
  5. Lowering price to 450 and including my 32 Inch Monitor i use. I need it gone asap as it's taking up space and no use for me now. Dover, Delaware is location pick-up only.
  6. let me know if you part it out
  7. gammerx said:
    let me know if you part it out

    Will do. Price can be negotiated, still local pick-up in the Dover Area. 301-379-0839.
  8. interested in the monitor, specs and price for it please?
  9. Let me know if you still have this rig for sale?....thanks.
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