3D Realms NOT Closed/Closing

3D Realms head honcho George Broussard finally released an "official" statement in retaliation to Take-Two Interactive's recent lawsuit, claiming that the development studio has not closed, and doesn't plan to close any time soon.

This was the first real statement made by the studio since word of its closing surfaced weeks ago. Many have speculated as to what happened to its alleged demise, ranging from a re-surfaced fictional story surrounding a 12-year conspiracy to rumors that the company ran out of money developing the infamous "vaporware" PC game, Duke Nukem Forever.


And here I was thinking DNF would graduate to cancelware from vaporware :P
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  1. Sure, the sudio isn't closing. But the DNF development team was let go, so that tells you all you need to know about the status of Did Not Finish.
  2. So who owns the rights to the franchise? I mean, I stopped caring a long time ago, but I still can't imagine why a company would let a game stay vaporware for over a decade! :lol:
  3. First it the game was to use the Quake 2 engine, then they switched to the Unreal engine because it was more flexible with open outdoor environments..... Release the game will ya. They should have fired the development team after 4 years without delivering a playable demo.
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