Manually Removing a Program?

Hi, I tried to uninstall a program today through control panel, and when it started, my AVG Antivirus Popped up saying that it was a trojan. I quarentined it, but now I can no longer uninstall the program because the uninstaller was quarentined. How do i get rid of the program now?
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  1. You can unquarantine it, I suppose. If the "Trojan" report was false, that may allow you to uninstall.

    OTOH, Trojans are not usually designed to be easily removable. The instructions for doing so are often very specific and not easy. You can look up specific instructions on the internet. Or call AVG.
  2. First, I would update your virus definitions from AVG, just in case - like Twoboxer said - this is a false positive from AVG. Once this is done, restore the file from Quarantine and try uninstalling the program again as you did before via the Control Panel. If it still picks up the uninstaller as a trojan, then you may need to resort to manually removing the files and registry keys from the system.

    On another note, exactly what program are we talking about here?
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