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I was just wondering if I borrowed my mate's Left 4 Dead CD and installed it on my computer, could I then buy it on Steam. Would everything be cool chips? Not sure how the validation system and such works.
I only want to avoid the massive download because my bandwidth is capped at the moment.

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  1. Are you sure? If he buys it first, gets the CD key and puts that in, might it not work? Although I am no expert of course.... Why not just buy the CD?
  2. It doesn't take that long for a game to get installed on Steam as long as you have DSL or some kind of Broadband. I could see why you would want to load it by CD if you didn't have Broadband but that would be about it.
  3. it's not the time he's trying to avoid it's the bandwidth. stupid greedy isp's are capping downloading now.

    i'm not sure if it would work but why not try? i think you might be able to back up your friend's game and then maybe you could put that into steam, buy a new license and install from there.. not totally sure tho
  4. Complain to your representatives if your ISP's are capping you. I sent mass emails to the entire NY delegation, and behold, they are doing something about it.

    And the answer is no, he would have to re-download it again after re-buying it through steam.
  5. Buy it on steam, get the disc, and you'll be able to install it.

    I did the same thing with FEAR 2, and The Orange Box, used a friend's disc to install them due to my ISP capping bandwidth.
  6. Possibly... but I doubt it.
  7. You have to "back up" the local files first, then copy them onto a DVD (unless the DVD has the backup restore program on it already). You then have to buy it, then restore the backup on Steam. You don't need to re-download anything. I do this all the time with multiple PCs because I can't afford the bandwidth when I have a measly 25GB cap. It's also much faster. The backup contains the game data, but not the licence.
  8. Storing all game backups on an external eSATA drive (with USB power, of course) is the way to go for multiple systems.
  9. Yes, you can buy it on steam and then install it from a friends DVD to cut down on bandwidth.

    EDIT: You can also just copy your entire steam folder from one drive/computer to another, delete the clientregistries.blob file and steam repairs itself, no need to ever use the backup feature.
  10. I don't know how the 'Buying' system works, So I just assumed they'd give you a CD key, and I could then use that CD Key for my installation.
  11. Here's how it works:

    1) You buy a game on steam.
    2) You download it through steam, and stem updates it fully with all the latest patches and such
    3) You run the game
    4) If the game requires a CD key, a little popup comes up with the key
    5) If you ever need to reinstall, you can right click the game in Steam, and hit View CD-Key to check your key again.
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