Can someone suggest sone good games for GMA 3100?

I have a Intel DG31PR motherboard and I am using its integrated graphics to play games because I cant afford to buy a dedicated graphics card anytime soon. The problem is that many games don't run on this integrated solution. So can someone please tell which games will run on my current configuration. I don't care if the games are a bit old.

My configuration:
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E4600 2.4 Ghz
Ram:1 GB, 800 Mhz
Motherboard: Intel DG31PR
Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA 3100 (no X)

Please also tell me if Medal of Honour Allied Assault will run on my configuration.

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  1. spider solitaire will run real sweet on that setup

    you will probably get halflife 1, maybe return to castle wolfenstein, possibly stuff like jedi knight, you may well have to crank the detail down though
  2. Solitare. Nes/Snes, N64 Emulators.
  3. Turn to google for petty questions like this...also you should check forums for netbooks since they usually have lists of all tested games and your gpu is only slightly better...
  4. you can play wow just fine, as well as guild wars and lord of the rings online....with the intel gma 3100.....i play all of these games and many more that will give you trouble and will need 3d analyze to even try to run are Oblivion,Two worlds ,Vampire - bloodlines etc...The reason it will not play these other games is because the card only supports Pixel shading 2.0,open GL 1.4 and the culprit is that it does NOT have a Vertex all in all to play some of the more graphic intense games mentioned you may want to look into getting a better card. Hope this helps some=)

    P.S. Allied Assault will run just fine. as well as some other Shooters like..F.E.A.R, Max Payne 1 and 2,Doom3(have to lower settings,still a bit laggish though)and Painkiller.
  5. Crysis
  6. yea u can play WoW, try sins of a solar empire, age of empires 2, battlefield 2 etc
  7. Just get a dedicated video card they are real cheap right now.

    I just picked up the Asus 9600gso 386mb DDR3 for $35 AR/FS with COD-WaW FREE.
  8. Well I have the same configuration as You do.....till date i Played a lot of i can give you a list of GOOd games that will put a smile in to your face... :D :D ...The List is

    1- Prince of Persia:The Warrior within
    2- Prince of Persia:The two Thrones
    3# Godfather
    4# Hitman2 and 3
    5# Fable; the lost chapter
    6# Fifa 09
    7- Nfs Uderground 1 & 2
    8# Mafia
    9# Blade of darkness

    these are all good games :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

    So Mate first TRY these OUT :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
  9. Medal of Honour Allied Assault will run on your configuration Coz I have played it... :bounce: :bounce:
  10. godfather does not seem to work on my intel gma 3100.. i am trying to 3d analyze it, but everytime i click on RUN nothing happens. its really strange and i just bought this game so i want to play it.
  11. i have almost the same specs u have with a gma 3100 too. can anyone answer plz.... :pt1cable:

    i install prince of persia sands of time but when i open it, it says the game ended unexpectally :fou:

    i did the same thing in my sister's laptop, i dont knw its specs though but i worked fine on the lowest graphics
    setting.... :D

    need help.....plzzz help... :pfff: :pfff: :pfff: :pfff:
  12. I would agree with penryndo. Get a cheap video card such as an ATI HD4650 or 4670. you should be able to find one of these for about 50.00 and neither requires a strong power supply. If you have to, just hold off on buying a couple of games. Even a graphics card like one of these would make the games so much better that it is not worth it to try to run on an integrated chipset.
  13. this is the reason why integrated chips suck big time

    instead of buying core2duo you could have purchased the lowest grade athlon dual core with a ati 4850 have triple or more performance than you are having now
  14. Hi Guys !! My config is same instead of 1 gb ram its 2gb DDR2.I am suggesting following games coz i am a dedicated gamer but never bought a GPU.......lolx

    2) Battlefield 1942,Vietnam
    3) COD-1,2
    4) CSCZ,Source
    5) Doom-3,Quake-4
    6) Max Payne-1,2
    8) NFS-UG-1,2,MW
    9) Total Overdose
    10) AOE-2,AOM,AOMTTE
    11) Armed and dangerous
    12) Civilization-4
    13) Far Cry
    14) Hitman-1,2,3
    15) Unreal Tournament-2004
    16) Deus-Ex(All)
    17) IGI-1,2

    Search for more games came near not go beyond 2006..ENJOYYYYYYY
  15. god father
    iron man
    The Incredible Hulk (2008)
    far cry
    WWE RAW - Ultimate Impact 2009
    final fantasy xi
    transformers the game
    harry potter and the order of the phoenix
    pop sands of time (3d analyzer)
    x men official game (3d analyzer)
    age of empires iii (3d analyzer)
    just cause (3d analyzer)
    driv3r (swift shader )
    driver parallel lines (swift shader)
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