The correct way of installing AMD/ATI drivers?

Hello everybody, long time reader first time poster.

I got my new system two days ago. It has an AMD CPU and ATI GPU and I don't have a clue about catalyst, drivers when it comes to AMD/ATI.

And so I come to you in search of the correct installation of the drivers.

I have an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO motherboard and a Gigabyte GV-R587UD-1GD. I never install drivers from the CD/DVD that comes with hardware, but always check the intertubes for latest versions.
And here the problem starts (atleast for me).

For my motherboard... Do I use the drivers from ASUS site or is it enough to install South Bridge driver from Do I even need to install this? And for my graphics card, do I install Full Catalyst Suite from the ATI Radeon Card Drivers or Motherboard/Integrated Video Drivers, given that my motherboard does have an integrated motherboard.

I hope I'm not getting anyone confused, I don't know how to word it better.

AMD/ATI really should put some work into writting some guides on how to find out which things you need considering your hardware.

If any ATI/AMD experts have some free time on their hands, please write how would you install all the requiered drivers, if you had the same motherboard and graphics card (in which order, exactly which drivers, from where, etc.). I hope I'm not asking for too much.

It's just that I really haven't got a clue /sadface.

Thanks in advance to anyone that will bother replying with some useful info :)

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  1. Use the KISS principle, pop in the dvd/cd that came with your mobo,load in what you need ,chipset,video,audio,network, you know the drill, the usual suspects,, this will get things up and running and not too shabbily,, then ,, later on when you feel the need/comfortable go to the appropriate site and get what you want/need, no need to go looking for static, it will find you fast enough..:)
  2. Thanks for the answer.

    But this still doesn't answer any of my questions. And I think I better know stuff for when I do decide to update my drivers.

    Is south bridge driver from enough for my motherboard (not counting audio/ethernet drivers), or do I need to install the SB driver as well as the drivers from ASUS site?

    If I have a motherboard with integrated gfx, do I need to download the full catalyst software suite from the ATI Radeon section, or the Motherboard/Integrated section from Or is Motherboard/Integrated section meant for installation of drivers for the integrated gfx?

    I hope I am making sense...

    I asked this on about five sites and no one gave me an answer about this. It's like nobody really knows, or they are just avoiding answering it.

    I hope to have better luck here.

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