Can't Play Quake3 (nor Install RTCW)

I've tried to install Q3 in my system without success. Let me re-phrase that. After installing Q3, when I try to play the game I get an error message that reads, "could not load default.cfg".
I have also been unable to install Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the same system; I get an error message while trying to install it.
The system that is giving me head aches is:
Nvidia Nforce mobo (MSI), 512MB DDR Ram, Athlon 1800 CPU, 450 Watts power suply, IBM Desk Star 65GXP Hard drive. I'm using the mobo's integrated sound, ethernet, and video (supossedly the equievalent of a Nforce MX).
I'm really puzzled as I've tried Installing and re-installing with and without the most recent patches.
Has anyone here encountered similar problems with OpleGL games and Nforce(1) mobos? If so, has anyone been able to overcome them?
Any and all help is appreciatated.
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  1. probably need a better video card. You're video solution sucks. BTW it's a geforce 2 MX - (it's a TNT 2 Equivalent). VERY SLOW! in becnhmarks with the Asus nforce 1 mobo with bult in video i got like 2400 on benchhmarks with 3dmark 2001 build 330. very slow! My bro with a geforce 2 ti gets 5600. my ATI AIW radeon 32MB card got 3400.

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  2. Your hardware's fine.

    XP has issues with OpenGL in some games.

    Obviously, you want to upgrade to the latest Detonator drivers. Once you've updated the driver, look for the following files in the windows\system32 directory:

    Copy these 2 files into your game directory, probably C:\Program Files\Quake3 or similar. Choose "yes" to overwrite.

    Look in your game directory. If there's a file there called "3dfxgl.dll," delete it.

    After doing all this, see if your games will run. For some reason, some games try to load that 3DFX driver all the time. The error message you received is telling you that the game is failing to load the correct OpenGL library, so I'd wager this is your problem.

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  3. Thank you very much for your advise. I followed it to the letter, but unfortunately the problem persists. Any and all sugestions are welcome.
    Once again, thanks.
  4. Damn...

    Do a google-search on the specific error message and see what pops up...the problem with this message is that all it means is that the game is either loading the wrong opengl drivers, or the opengl drivers you have are corrupted...that 3DFX conflict is a common issue, but not the only one. Have you tried running dxdiag to see if it passes all the tests? If it does, the problem is probably not in the card's drivers, but more likely in the game...perhaps there's a patch available?

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