How to get better frame rates in crysis?

Hi all, I'm new here and was wondering what
else I could do to improve my fps in crysis. my
specs are-

intel core 2 duo 1.83 ghz
8800 gts 512 mb
4gb ram
vista home premium
320 gb HDD

I usually play on all low settings and have even
deleted everything on my pc except needed things
like virus software, etc. i changed everything to low
even using windows classic theme. i downloaded fraps
and my fps is consistently around 20 sometimes in the
teens if i play longer than 30 minutes. I don't use my pc
very much either only for crysis, email, things like that.
I also turn off my pc every time im done using it if that helps.
I also play on dx9 as well.

sorry if i may have given to much info im a noob to pc's
to so don't want to miss anything.I'm sure my hardware isnt
that bad to the point where frame rates on all low settings are
consistently in the teens and 20's. any idea why fps is so low?

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  1. What resolution are you playing at?
  2. usually i play at 1280x800 fullscreen. no AA and all
    advanced settings are all low.
    I tried playing at 800x600 not fullscreen but the frame rates
    are still very choppy.
  3. I would see if there's any headroom to overclock your processor a bit and make sure all of your drivers are up-to-date... it may help

    Does your PC seem slow generally or is it just crysis? the reason i ask is I played it through on a E6600 (2.4ghz) 2gb ram and a 7950GT at 1280x1024 and average settings and it was playable pretty much all the way through, the very last bit i dropped it to 1024x768 as all the rockets made things a bit choppy......

    It may be worthwhile doing a clean reinstall of your operating system (maybe consider the windows 7 RC)
  4. no its not slow at all in general its just crysis.
    the only other game i have is L4D and it plays
    nicely. but okay ill look into what you said im not
    sure how to overclock cpu's though.
  5. Weak core2 is the main culprit here, Crysis has shown some decent scalability, and seems to like CPU power more then its been given credit for...

    I'd decrease to 1024x768 for you system, with no AA whatsoever.
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