Medal of honor spearhead, new game crash!!!!

Yes, I know that the game is old, but i have the strong urge to replay it, so bear with me. The game starts up fine and goes to the main menu. form there you can access new game, options, and so on. The problem is when I go into start new game, I click on the mission, select difficulty, then click continue, a loading screen appears briefly, then I am returned to the main menu. My specs are off the freakin charts , i just updated my video driver and cleaned my registry. Its a dead end for me, someone please help

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  1. Did you try and un-install and re-install the game ? And when you said cleaned the registry....... did you also go into windows explorer and delete all the MOHAA game related folders ? then re-install. I play this game all the time on line. Different problems arise from time to time. Last one was with ATI drivers.
  2. Thanks for the response, I patched it to 2.11 and did not go to 2.15 and for some reason it works now. I dont play online so its not a problem if i dont have the latest patch.

    Thanks again

    If you need anymore assistance getting Medal of Honor Allied Assault, or the Spearhead or Breakthrough Expansion packs working... just let me know.. Alot of us still play this old game and have made a whole new experience that is lasting and addicting out of it.

    Any gamers who still play this great old game: Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead/ Breakthrough

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