Help with MB BIOS/ video card problem

I think it is my video card and MB BIOS at least. Anytime I go into a game, especially Quake III games, it can take 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but it will always happen: the screen will get a bunch of different colored blocks on it. I am not overclocking the video card right now...but I am overclocking the M/B (GA-8IHXP). I lost my BIOS settings and I used to O/C the 1.8 P4 to 2.4. I reset the BIOS to O/C to 2.4 again and that part seems to work fine...however I cannot seem to figure out what I need to set to get the video card or whatever is causing this to happen fixed. The card is a gainward ti4200.

Have also posted this under video cards...any help is appreciated.
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  2. Maybe a heat problem? Try ratcheting back to spec speeds and see if the problem goes away.

    You can try installing more fans, like an exhaust right next to your AGP or a side-panel intake. Maybe upgrading the cooling on your vid card will help.

    Are you running a good, stable power supply with enough wattage for your system?

    I'd say try ratcheting back your FSB a little and turn up the O/C on your Gainward... that might help redistribute the overload.

    Then again, maybe it's just because Gigabyte's AGP bus freaks out when saturating at high O/C speeds.

    I don't know for certain that any of this will help, but those are things I would try.


    <pre>MOV AX,0040
    MOV WORD PTR [0072],1234
    JMP FFFF:0000</pre><p>
  3. check your memory settings while overclocking, a had a g3 that would get real wierd if i messed with the memory timings at all when overclocking,

    rma the card.
    my ti4400 all of a sudden started that crap, i called set up an rma, they sent me a few cards that werent any good, one that i wouldnt except although it worked, and in the end thay sent me a ti4600 brand new!!

    if the hardware isnt working and you havent burned it up overclocking it or tweaking the fans/ heat syncs etc... just rma it.
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