Someone help please...

I'm running, xp32 bit, AMD Athelon 64 X2 6000+, 4 gigs (only 3 readable I can live with that because that's xp32 for ya) ddr2 800mhz clock speed, Regular 160gig hd (was supposed to be a quick fix now I'm suffocating for space). My motherboard is also AMD 790x chip set (K9A2 CF to be exact), bought it Feb. 2008. For the last year I've been using a 8800 gt Nvidia, and realized my board was more for ATI Crossfire compatibility. So about 2 days ago, I dug deep and got the new Radeon Diamond 4890HD. I still have the same FPS if not worse in some cases. All drivers have been updated, and I used the MSI tool for mobo updates just today.

I run on a 40" HDTV, but it's a good brand, and I've tried switching back on to my 15" monitor so the monitor isn't the difference. I use Tuneup Utilities to clean registry, defragment, and otherwise debug frequently. I had more stability on my 8800gt... yet this card is double the specs in every way... anyone got a clue? Please... I just want 60fps again on full settings. :(
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  1. Wouldn't a cpu upgrade and light gpu upgrade would have been a better idea....what games are you trying to play?
  2. Well I just kinda figured since all the Radeon 4890 testing was done on the 790 chipset, that I would be ok... Now I'm starting to think a new Motherboard/CPU will unlock it's full potential... still just odd, that it helps a bit more, but not a lot. Would the motherboard/cpu really lock out that much potential power? God any recommendations on an under scaling in cards? Go for x2 crossfire style, but an older model?

    And btw... this old cpu clocks at 3ghz... (not overclocked). I don't touch that stuff.
  3. **NOTE** Playing, the CoD's, L4D, WoW, and yea... anything decent atm. My frame rate in Dalaran jumped maybe 5% steadily from the twice as good card.
  4. Your system looks fine and capable. Did you uninstall the Nvidia drivers in safe mode with something like driver sweeper?
  5. Nah, is that a free program? Guessing not... I just used the windows uninstall/program files etc. I went back through and did my own sweep, but yea...
    I have a 20gig partition which I load windows on and all drivers, and some boot file got corrupted so I had to reload windows on the partition. Would that create a lot of problems with my 2nd partition with which I put my files/pictures/games etc? Even after defragmenting and such?
  6. Don't :pfff:

    There will be no problems with the secondary partition other than that you will HAVE to reinstall applications and backup your game saves etc...all other files will be fine..
  7. I said guess, but yes also searched. I have downloaded that program several times. It always tells me the same *** about a few of my drivers, but on the official sites they contradict so yes, I've done my research many times over. Oh and btw, it's not free...

    The problems I'm refering to are when games go to my C: drive partition for files etc (such as directx files/drivers) and they're gone or have changed. But that's usually fixed with a reinstall... I'm really at a loss then since none of you seem to know. There are no Nvidia applications on my computer. I made sure of that. Safe mode or not... uninstall is uninstall.

    Since all my stuff is up to date, you think a new cpu/motherboard would be a good option? If so, a complete wipe in the files (after back ups are made of my games/photos/music) on an external 500gig I have?

    Btw... l4d, runs flawlessly, but CoD5/WoW, are horrible in the big zones. I can't run CoD5 in 1920x1080 with full settings (meaning my card can anti-alias x21). If I do that manually, it crashes and goes blue screen in most cases (mainly in CoD, which is my main concern). It bugs me that my fps in Dal is 14 fps peak, but yea... honestly would a new Motherboard and CPU help the new Card Reach peak power? Even tho this athelon is supposed to be running 3g's? Remember, I said my board was the 790x chipset not the 790 FX or the new 790 K9 or w/e...

    One more time just to reiterate, would an upgrade to my athelon 64x 6000+(runs 3ghz), and/or 790x motherboard help the potential of my new Radeon Diamond 4890HD XOC?
  8. Wrong unistall is not unistall. The knowledge has been given to you.

    I can lead a horse to water but I cant make him drink.

    You system is fine, you just need to clean the Nvidia drivers the right way, whch you havenot done.

    Either clean them the right way or to a fresh OS install and I promise you will be amazed.

    I run WoW on a intel e1400 @ 2.5 with a 3650 ATI card and get 40FPS in Dalaran, but I know what I am doing. Hell I bet I can get 40 on a P4 rig i just refurbished with P4@ 3.3 and Nvidia 9400GT/1G
  9. I'm sorry, you were right... I've been reading alllllllll day. Gone over several board options, and new CPU's. I found, however, that this card specifically has driver issues. You're right.

    Now I'm deciding between... Driver sweeper, and Driver cleaner... Done some research on both. Tough call...

    Why is it always drivers?! >_<

    One other question tho, I flashed my bios the other day (if someone could explain that to me would be great). It came up with a Checksum Error, but never really adressed it, and it seems to function fine still. Something said reset the bios to fix this, and a few other options. Any advice on this, and what is BIOS flashing?

    (I learned how to build computers in 7th grade, so I'm just learning as I go, time to go back to college I think xD)
  10. Link worked, the download link failed... is that free or just another pay-for cleaner? (checking it out for myself, but just in case you're trolling)
  11. Nvm... got vers. 1.5.5 or w/e... had to do it all manually. I just clicked Nvidia Display (check box) - clean. Gonna restart... any other tips on how to clean others, or is that pretty much it?
  12. That should do it, but if you still have issues I'd try to redo the bios since it had issues.
  13. Mmk... so I do clean and the Nvidia files still show up after restarts... any clue?

    Also, recommendations on a paid for driver program? A program that will find updated drivers, as well as clean them.
  14. Nvm... Still having the issue with the nvidia files showing but I found an appropriate driver program.
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