WTB Core 2 Quad & Core 2 Duo

I'm going for cheaply upgrading some Pentium D & Pentium 4 HT computers. I've looked up the motherboards. Both can use 1333MT/s fsb speeds. One can do Core 2 Quads, the other can do Core 2 Duos (although if I get the C2Q first, I'm gonna try it in the other board). I don't need the heatsinks, but I'd pay a little extra I suppose.

So I'm looking for roughly a Q9400 and an E8400.

I'd be satisfied with maybe as low as a Q6700 or Q8200 for cheaper or an E7400. Even an E5000 series C2D would work if it's the right price. Thanks.

I'd prefer to pay as little as possible, but I am aware of the going rates for these CPUs on ebay.
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  2. Well...since I'm allowed to...bumpity!

    Anyone have any other offers?
  3. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 for sale in the classified under "Computer Components ect"

    asking $40

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  5. bump...any other offers?
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