Got i7 to run FSX ... pls recommend Video Card.

I just placed an order for a i7 920 CPU + MB + 6GB RAM ... its on its way.

My monitor runs at 1920x1200.

Question ...

Which video card to you all recommend ? How much GPU Memory ?

I really like this game ... do you think I will get 30fps with this setup (assuming I get the right video card) ? Thanks !!
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  1. Post in graphics forum, you will get an answer quicker.
  2. 8500gt will be overkil
  3. ^ WTH? an 8500GT is underkill, get a nice GTX 285 since FSX prefers nvidia cards.

    Just buy a ATi HD 4850 or 4870. It has best Price per performace, unlike nvidia graphic cards, most of higher ends are way more overpriced.
  5. Are you sure?
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