This AD Has Been Closed Due To Lack Of Sales Thanks for All the Views

This sale is being closed, due to lack of interest. thanks for all the views. you can look for my stuff on EBAY. I will continue to use tom's hardware as my go to site for help, info, and news and the great community. otherwise, it's been nice thanks, erly.

thanks for looking

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  1. Do you have heatware?
  2. serioulsy interested in the ram, anyway you could test or confirm they are working?
  3. no heatware, no references as this is my first sale, sorry.
  4. I suggest you work on building some sort of rep somewhere as a point of reference. If you had "Regular" status or higher in these forums, I'd be inclined to trust you.
  5. I have posted some pics of my stuff. will get the rest as soon as i can.

    I know the pics suck but all I have to take pics with right now is an old webcam.

  6. added the 8800GT, didn't you? I'm interested in that...but not at $50. You see a new 9800GT is only $40:

    Could you explain what you mean by "I couldn't get one of the screws to go"?
  7. Daily Bump.

    I've lowered prices.

    I am having problems with the pics, I'm sorry. if the pic is not visible you can click the link to see it.

    If there are any Mods or Admins available please PM me if you can help with this.

  8. Daily Bump.

    I've cut some more prices.

    I am thinking of selling my Onkyo TX-SR607. it has not been used heavily. I have kept a fan on it. it has passed the 1yr death test. you would have to pay shipping and the price would have to be right. I would like to get about $200 + shipping.

    I'm also toying with the idea of selling my old Asus p5pl-le mobo. it's tried and true but its old and kind of dingy. I do have the sheild.

    I have the stock heatsink/fan that came with the mobo but it would cost me $10 min. to ship.

    I also have a Sennheiser RF type wireless headphones, but I dunno...

    thanks for the hits, erly
  9. Daily Bump.
  10. FYI: That's an Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 (not Pentium).

    I mention that because the Pentium E-series based of the core 2 architecture were lower end and lower performing. It's a legit Core 2 Duo, not the Pentium low end ones, so don't sell it short. You'll see the Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz beats out the Pentium E2200 @ 2.2GHz by a fair margin:,2843-6.html
    It takes the E5400 @ 2.7GHz to match the performance.
  11. thanks for that, I totally overlooked that.

    the reason I cut my prices so low is to compete with the average price i.e. on ebay, amazon.
    and because I am a youngster on these forums with no references.

    but still no one seems to want my stuff. ...erly .......
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    New Price Cuts.
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    More price cuts
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  17. im interested in both 775 CPUs. PM me
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  20. no heatware, no references as this is my first sale, sorry.
  21. are you interested in my items umi88?

    you can always PM...
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  27. ...deleted...but still looking into those PM sent
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    Price Cuts!!

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    New Pics!!
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    Black Friday Sale!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Blue Light Special.
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    Cyber Monday!!


    thanks!! :hello:
  40. Name Your Own Price Weekend Sale!! just leave me a reply or pm with your offer and we will go from there. no reasonable offer refused. make me your best offer on any or all my items. I am willing to work with you, because I need to get this stuff moved.

    I am soon to get a digital camera and after that the prices go back up. so grab it while you can!!

    Happy Holidays [:donald92382]

    Sale is over.

    thanks for looking
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    Merry Christmas!!

  43. Daily Bump!!

    Happy Holidays!!

    Digital Pics comming next week!!
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    New Digital Pics, more on the way!!

    Merry X-mas

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    New Pics

    Price cuts

    Happy Holidays!!

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    Christmas Sale Take 10% off any one item, no limit.

    Happy Holidays!!


  47. Daily Bump!!

    Name Your Own Price Sale, you tell me what it takes to move this stuff, no reasonable offer refused. just post or pm me your best offer and I will contact you with the answer.

    Happy New Year!!
  48. Daily Bump!!

    Name your own price sale still going on!!

    new item!!

    Happy Holidays!!

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