Don't Care For SP2

Well I downloaded SP2, and think I will be going back to just SP1, I am not happy with some of the stuff it changed.

Alot of these things I mention can be turned off, or adjusted, and yes I am mainly just b**ching.

First Windows Security Alert. Ok this is a great ideal, a firewall and antivirus built in. But I can't stop it from running. You can disable it but it will always pop up in the task bar with an icon. It also will tell you that you should only be running it, becuase multiple firewalls cause problems. It drives me nuts to have a bunch of icons in my taskbar, and not being able to disable this bothers me.

Second I get on the web to download a file. I click on a link and nothing happens, so I try again, and notice my computer is making a sound, I look up and there is a block just below the address bar saying it has blocked a pop-up (I turned this off). The pop up was a link I clicked to download a file?? Then I click to start the download and it says it has blocked a file from being downloaded (like it was proud of itself), highly annoying since I wanted to download the file.

<b>Maybe I am the only one, but I wanted security updates, not a bunch more Microsoft programs running in the background, trying to decide what is best for me. </b>

So my intial view of SP2 isn't to good.

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  1. lol, ""<b>trying to decide what is best for me</b>""

    they are not "trying" they ""<b>DO</b>"".

    PS: I wonder what customers asked for it though.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. SP2 allegedly removes programs that used to be running in the background.

    </font color=red><i><font color=red>GOD</font color=red> <font color=blue>BLESS </font color=blue><font color=red>AMERICA
  3. Thanks for the review, I need more opinions before I update. I spent time disabling many services, and want to make sure that I can disable <b>completely</b> everything that SP2 introduces. Already got a virus and firewall solution, as well as pop-up, and the rest.

    For downloading the file you wanted, try holding down CTRL and then clicking on the link.

    More reviews, please. :)
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