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I have heard and read up on some leaks of a 3rd Battlefield series coming along to replace BF2. Has anyone heard anything more, I'm not talking about BF : Modern Combat for the consoles I'm talking about the PC collection?
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  1. I would sure hope not. The battlefield series is an epic fail. Bad Company 2 should be interesting to try for the PC.
  2. lol you really think so? anyway are they making bad company 2 for consoles or PC?
  3. both!
  4. BF3 is yet to be announced, altho EA know that people are screaming for it. I was excited about 1943 until I found out it was a console port with 24 player limit. (What a pile of $hite, thanks for making me soo depressed gamerK). BF Heroes is pants as well (im in the beta), stick with tf2. BF1942, BF Vietnam, BF2 and 2142 were good tho. Just wait a couple of years and we may see another console port and they will call it bf3 :(
  5. Word is that BF:BC2 for the PC, but they said that about the first one too...No official word on BF3 yet though...
  6. yea since you guys told me, i been lookin at the trailors and some screenshots from BF:BC2 for the PC, looks pretty sick.
  7. finally! but how are the minimum specs?
  8. I'm wondering how the guys at Sony can get MAG (coming later this year/early 2010) to work with 256 players, where EA can only get 24 on 1943...
  9. I'm still playing BF2142. It's a great game. I really wish they would come out with another installment of this type of BF. Not the Bad Company.
  10. idk tho i think the farthest ther're going to go with BF2142 is the Northern Strike expansion pack they already handed out. I want a real modern day game basically like bf2 mixed with project reality, basically like as real as it gets so you gotta be in a squad and have a certain class. Being in a clan for a year about 2 years ago in BF2, its not as fun going from playing as a team nd ***, to pubbin. anyway jay2tall, i doubt ther gunna do that, if your lucky maybe another expansion pack or sometin
  11. I'm not saying a futuristic type battlefield. I was refering more to the squad member --> squad leader --> Commander type setup. 64 on 64 type games. something on a nice large scale with either control points or some sort of objective to complete. I could really go for a modern warfare type setup with everything present day tech.

    But DX10 at least and graphically sweet, but yet the same overall setup. I like the rankins setup and the unlocks that you get with awards, pins, metals. It gives you a whole mess of things to achieve and keeps you wanting to play more.
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