Poor performance of GTX 295 in GTA 4

Hi folks,

Sorry if this question was already answered here but my friend borrowed me his copy of GTA 4 and I thought that I will be able to max out this game and play it without lagging but no way… :pfff:

I have following setup:

CPU: q6600 oced at 3.6 Ghz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800Mhz
GPU: GTX 295 (at stock)
Res: 1920*1200

It seems to me that this game in not supporting SLI/dual GPUs and so I am actually sticking with one GTX 275 and also it seems that some drivers are betters then others…for me 181.20 works best.

1. Can I enable SLI somehow in this game to fully use my GTX 295?
2. Which driver is giving you best performance?

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  1. cpu
  2. simplyderp said:

    Probably you meant that that my cpu is troublemaker at this point...I understand that q6600 even oced at 3.6 Ghz cannot compete with i7 920 but I made some in-game benchmarks in CPU intensive games like World in Conflict or Far Cry 2 and I have experienced about 15 % performance loss compared to oced i7 920…than I have found this

    Performance loss might be about 20% (test cpu was i7 920 oced at 3,5 Ghz) so I should have about 40 fps, that’s at highest settings, same conditions as in this test…I haven’t tried it indeed but coming from my experience I am not able to exceed 25 fps…

    Moreover it seems that SLI is not working so I have top of the line GPU but in this game I am running “only” underclocked GTX 275…pretty shame considering that this is already patch No. 3 and still no SLI support....
  3. cpu+ badly coded PORT , yes its a PORT from console to pc, loads of thins go wrong

    after instaling the latest version and trimming down video settings to look down as low as ps3 or xbox, you will see it run well and fast, (faster than xbox/ps3) if you do increase video settings, you are toying with sttings that max out hardware specs, they tried to make gta scalable for future hardware, so yeah, a faster 2 core proc would be faster, for now for that game till they release a patch to fully utilize the 4 cores properly
  4. Yeah, my old daddy q6600 is really not killer anymore but I will not change CPU setup (mobo, ram, cpu) to get 10-15 fps more in one game, moreover I would like to underline that I have best GPU on the market but using only half of its power...6 months after release and still not SLI support and proper 4 cores utilization

    OK, I have to admit that I had probably “big eyes”…some guy on youtube showed “outstanding” performance everything max out on his i7 920 at 4.2Ghz, GTX 295 and 1920*1080 and avg. in game was something like slightly over 40 fps (benchmark is absolutely useless, with max settings I have 50 fps)…so hands down, settings on high (render quality very high), view and detail distance at 40-50 and ready to go…I will try maybe 185.20 beta driver…somebody on net recommended it. I hope that it will be at least as good as first GTA back in 1996…
  5. Just put the view distance to 20 instead of 100 and problem solved. Rely there no point to have view distance 100.
  6. michaelmk86 said:
    Just put the view distance to 20 instead of 100 and problem solved. Rely there no point to have view distance 100.

    right, some lower view distance and detail distance and it`s good to go at 35 fps in twilight/night, 40+ fps during day...but still if this is for future hardware then I would expect next gen graphics and that`s definitely not GTA4 case...but borrowed copy= gameplay for free :p I´ll enjoy it...

    thanx guys for sheding some light into GTA4 issue...
  7. Hi ai'm from Romania so sorry for my english :D
    I have a GainWard 295 and have the same problem with game...
    My procesor is Core2Duo E8500 3.2Ghz, 4Gb Kingstone... and mother board is a P5E Deluxe in GTA4 i have a realy bat FPS... like 15-35-40 FPS.
    But with my last Video Card (Ati HD4870 1gb) GTA4 had an 50 FPS and no lower than 40 but with this card 295 Crysis, GTA4, work to bad (and is a really diffrent PIRCE).
    At first i was going crazy and ask evriwhere about my problem and all the answers where going to my procesor... they all say is dragging the video card DOWN because GTX295 need at least one Quad procesor overclocked at 3.7 Ghz or 4.0Ghz or an i7 processor for the video card 295 to work at full potential.
    My id is Serjcoi@yahoo.com i use yahoo messenger please tell me what you did i need to resolve my problem because i not change my processor and im not shure if that is my problem...
  8. It's not your system man. GTA 4 just sucks. The game is poorly optimized. It's a horrible console port and shouldn't be purchased or even pirated. It's garbage.
  9. if it lags its probably because gta4 is qud core optimized,

    i have a e8500 @ 3.5ghz and a gtx 260 and it only goes to probably 40FPS
  10. It's a bad inefficient console port.
  11. michaelmk86 is right on the money- the draw distance is a rig killer.and as per usual us pc gamers get the bad end of great games because the devs wont make as much profit if their code monkeys take longer.resident evil 4 - tutorial with gamecube buttons on screen.need i say more.
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